Lost-Ride Studios
Based in Parts Unknown

Founding date:
January 1, 2006


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Lost Ride Studios is an American indie game studio that creates new and creative indie darlings. We also love amusement parks and giant smoke monsters.


Early history

Born from a need to create fun simple games, Lost-Ride Studios is full of surprises. With a love of simple concepts and a mantra that is not afraid to press against the rails, Lost-Ride games are a sight to behold. The overwhelming success of none of their games just goes to show the passion the team has to creating the next big thing.

Movie Madness

A fun never-released top-down action game consisting of movie spoofs in a most rediculous fashion. Levels were made up of such inventive genres as: superhero, and spy.

Paintball 2000

The next stop on our tour lands us in Lost-Ride's first attempt at a multiplayer game. Hot-seat only, players battled through 5 levels with changing goals. Pure deathmatch, 10 vs. 10 capture the flag, and even a co-op bunker infiltration awaited players patient enough to sit through horrible graphics. This was also never released to the public.


A flash game. With a violet aesthic. Metroidvania. Platformer. Newgrounds. Kongregate. Create-Games Game of the Week. Meta tag. Search terms. Fun. Find it. Still available.


An iPhone exclusive, it was time for Lost-Ride Studios to branch out. A full single player story, as well as a hot-seat multiplayer mode, drew in scores of players for its twitch-based action and reaction-time high score chase. 5 worlds, 15 levels, and a monster boss were all it took for this game to sky-rocket to the bottom of the charts.

Meta Trophy

The world's first attempt at incorporating player feedback directly into the game! [Editor note - big negative, every game does this]. Set in a fantasy world, players must grind thier way to completing the arena in order to win. And those winners actually name the next big feature to be added to the game! [Ed note - okay this was a new concept]

Meta Star

Lost-Ride's current sci-fi indie gem. Taking the concepts introduced in Meta Trophy and kicking them up about ten notches, Meta Star is sure to blast your face in creative genius... your own creative genius. Players again compete for the opportunity to name their own feature in subsequent updates to the game. With even more community involvement, and a release on Steam in August 2017, look for Meta Star to bomb the charts.



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